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Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

Today was a regular fasting day.

I decided on a whim to reduce my coffee intake and seek how I felt and I would have to say it was a SUCCESSFUL experiment!

My thermos hold 20oz of liquid. I usually fill it up halfway, so say I drink about 10 oz of coffee a day. I calculated that to be an awful lot and also began to feel like I didn’t need to drink as much to keep myself from being hungry.

I filled up my thermos to about 6 oz and went to work. I sipped it once when I got there and thought that I don’t have a lot so I should drink it sparingly. I actually FORGOT about my coffee until I was almost ready to leave work! I did not have a hunger headache. I did not feel tired.

So this is the start of week 3 for my fasting and I am to a point where I almost don’t need my coffee to hold me over. Hopefully the scale agrees with the progress I’m feeling!

Accomplishments of the Day:  Barely drank my coffee

Things to work on: continuing to drink less and less coffee.



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