Week 5

Another Week of intermittent fasting My routine is pretty much the same each day. I have definitely started to eat less when I eat and with summer coming, I have more fresh fruit options like cherries and nectarines, which I totally love. I decided to finally start the actual ‘working out’ part to my personal program.... Continue Reading →

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My Official Year Out: June 10th, 2017-

Today, June 10th, 2017, marks my official first year out of college. I took some time to reflect upon this and think about 10 things that I have accomplished This is my list: 1.       Went out of state (to Hawaii) 2.       Flew across the ocean for the first time 3.       Found a job immediately after... Continue Reading →

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Straightening My Hair

  I am black. I do not have any -chemicals in my hair to keep it straight. I have been ‘natural’ my entire life, So, when I straighten my hair, it is a long, tedious and very hot process. I wash and blow dry my hair in small sections, which means the 1875 Watt blow... Continue Reading →

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I’m back

It's been a very long time since I have been able to write for my blog. I have truly missed it.  So let me catch you up, for anyone looking for some mini drama. I broke up with my boyfriend (boo-hoo), over some things I just won't get into. It took me some time to... Continue Reading →

My dear followers 

I have committed a horrendous act of negligence. I haven't written or posted in over two months.  For this I apologize. I have had an awful lot going on in my life that I did not want to share, nor has the events put me in a mood to write anything of value.  Though this... Continue Reading →

Opinions Please: Seperate Vacations

I was listening to the radio this morning and they got into a debate about whether it's acceptable or not for you and your significant other to take separate vacations? I think yes it's ok. Everyone deserves some ''me" time to relax and reflect without having to worry about anyone else but themselves. Also how... Continue Reading →

You ever have a headache you can't explain? Then you take your hair out of a bun/ponytail, the pressure eases and all your questions are answered?

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