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Group Projects

Group projects


They suck so hard. No matter what, they always suck.

You learn how to work in a group from the day you start preschool. You learn team building skills, and hoe to be collaborative. How to respect ideas and contribute to the group fairly. How to stay in communication. You ‘learn’ all of that when you go from K-12th grade, you get to college and expect people to act like grown a** , responsible, people. You think it’s easier because you joined a group chat for the project, or downloaded that stupid ‘GroupMe’ app just to make sure everyone gets the same message at the same time. It should be easier because you all set agreed upon deadlines and you planned on meeting once a week to keep each other on track. It should be easier because you see each other during the week in class and in discussion…. And you are sooo wrong, for thinking any of this would be true, because now it is worse.

People act like they can’t hold a conversation with more than one person at a time. People will ignore text messages and suddenly chime in when the group decides to assign them a part because they didn’t say anything. Suddenly, someone’s phone was ‘acting up’ and they didn’t get messages. Somehow, someone only wants to communicate through email three times a week. Suddenly someone drops out of the class and doesn’t tell the group. Suddenly, someone turns in their ‘part’ to the group and it’s a load of absolute crap, nothing in comparison to the rest of the groups standards. Somehow, someone didn’t get the memo that they were supposed to contribute 3 pages of work, just like everyone else, so they turn in 1 page and its damn near too late to let them do it alone. You always, despite all of the planning, barely get the project in on time. Someone it is one person’s responsibility to do all of the corrections at the last second because the rest of the group doesn’t know how to use autocorrect.

Somehow, it is just sooo much more horrible to be in a group project in college. And it is totally unavoidable.


Thanks college


3 thoughts on “Group Projects”

  1. Couldn’t agree more. They were even worse in Grad school. People are supposed to be adults but I guess there are slackers in every stage of life to make group projects suck.

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  2. You’re right.

    The worst part is, group projects in college reflect group projects at work.

    Thank goodness you don’t share a paycheck! lol😉

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