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College: Tinder/Dating Apps

An Anecdote

Using a dating app for actual relationships in college is a bad idea, (unless you are looking for sex.)

If that’s the case, and you can get over seeing that ONS (One Night Stand) on campus al that time, then by all means, go for it. I, on the other hand, stopped messaging people once the topic came up ’cause that’s totally not what I was looking for. Admittedly, it seems ignorant of me to have hoped that dating apps were not just for sex.

So the main issue with using apps on campus, is you know everyone you see, and if you’ve seen them on the app, they have seen you too.

So I tried to ignore that fact that so many people I knew were aware that I started using a dating app, and that I knew so many people using an app as well. I selected people that I was totally unfamiliar with, and prayed they didn’t go to my school. I got lucky and found a ‘nice’ guy who didn’t go to my college but lived in the area. I took a chance and took a step. Then I recoiled like I stepped in shit…because that’s what it felt like.

Tinder: Guy number 1set a very poor example of the people I would meet online. I learned my lesson quickly.

  1. Lied about his age, so he was almost two years younger than me instead of two years older like I expected. The age wasn’t the biggest issue there, it was the lie.
  2. Said he was going to pick me up and take me on a date, then asked me to pick him up. Because of car troubles. Ok, everyone has car troubles but again, it was the lie. His car had actually been broken for weeks.
  3. I picked him up from his mother’s house. AGAIN THE LIES! He said he had his own place with a couple of other people.
  4. We went to buffalo wild wings… and split the bill. I am a strong and independent woman but I also believe in a little chivalry. You can’t say you are going to take ME on a date then have be pick you up and you don’t pay for it. I did the same thing with my best friend and roommate Ali. We did that all the time and those make better dates.
  5. Conversation was terrible. Absolutely terrible. We had nothing to talk about. Not school, not work, not life.
  6. When I dropped him off, at his mother’s house… he tried to make a move. It was the most awkward evasive maneuvers but it had to be done. A, because his mom could have been watching through a window, and B, because, gross. After our poorly executed date I was not feeling anything but ready to go home.

So I quit Tinder quickly and admittedly let that one time be the only time. Everyone will have different experiences but this is mine, so be warned.




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