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Day Type: Non Fasting

I didn’t fast today, though I meant to.

I woke up this morning and felt like my stomach was caving in so I decided to eat instead of stick it out…and I’m not disappointed in myself at all. I was able to gage how much I needed to eat to make it through work without being too hungry and without over eating. I actually had about a serving size of cereal (right? Who has the serving size?) along with my regular cup of coffee and I was good to go.


I went to work and was fine. I didn’t think about eating at all and I felt fully rested and energized.

I had lunch at about two which was nuggets

and Dinner was a steak burrito.

I’ll start my fasting tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!



Day Type: Fasting

Today, I had an excruciating headache at about 10 am. I did my regular fasting with just coffee but as the morning went on, my head started pounding. I figured that I didn’t eat ‘late’ enough yesterday so I fasted for a lot longer than 16 hours. It is an adjustment that I definitely will have to be cautious of.

After work, at about 2pm, I had about 1/4th of a burrito and a bowl of cereal and then I slept until about 5pm. I woke up and ran some errands

For dinner, I had chicken and rice with potatoes and carrots at about 7ish. Hopefully that is late enough to keep me going until 1 tomorrow.


Wish me luck!


Day Type: Fasting

Today was better. The headache that I had on Tuesday was terrible and hopefully not something to ever be repeated. The transition from being a ‘weekday faster’ was a lot harder than I anticipated. What I learned from my experience yesterday was that I probably cannot fast every day of the week and then flip to eating regularly on the weekend. I will have to experiment with a three day fasting cycle then a regular day, then three days, and so on. Today I planned on focusing on a healthier day.

So breakfast was my coffee, with a mid-morning snack of my 100 calorie granola bar (around 10:30am) that I ate as a way to adjust myself to not eating. I had hoped it was just enough food to keep off the headache and I was right. I also took a brisk walk around my building (it’s a huge building) to get my heart rate up.

2:00 pm- Lunch was a salad with hard boiled eggs and fat free/low calorie ranch dressing. I also had a chicken chimichanga …

7:00 pm- Small bowl of cereal and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich

8:00 pm- roasted pork and fried rice (homemade so I feel better about eating it than I usually would if I had gone out to eat)

Overall, today was successful in my book. No headache, no nausea, no sleepiness.


To my readers:

Have any of you done intermittent fasting before? How did you get through the morning?



Day Type: Non-Fasting

Today was great!

It wasn’t a fasting day but I did eat lighter than normal. I had about half a thermos of coffee (About 10 oz) instead of filling my entire thermos and I had a serving size of cheerios, without sugar!

Lunch was another small bowl of cereal (I haven’t gone shopping for healthy alternatives quite yet but I’m working on it)

I had an apple for a late afternoon snack And leftover chicken burrito for dinner. I did not have soda today or chocolate.

Accomplishment of the day: I felt absolutely great today though. I had much smaller meals but still felt satisfied. I even did another brisk walk around my building.

Things to Improve on: None today 🙂

I’m excited and very hopeful for what tomorrow will bring!



Day type: Fasting

Today was my boyfriend’s little brother’s birthday, so I cheated on my eating just a little but otherwise it was a brilliant day!

For breakfast: coffee

Lunch: oatmeal

Dinner: Homemade stuffed chicken pasta (Jumbo pasta shells with seasoned chicken and smothered in alfredo sauce and cheese. If you are interested in the recipe let me know! 🙂 )

For dessert I made a birthday cake !

Sooooo, this ends my fasting for this week but I plan on fasting on Sunday, not fasting on Monday and fasting again Tuesday through Friday.

I felt really good today. No headache. No lethargy. I felt energetic today.

Accomplishment of the Day: Having one piece of cake

Things to improve: I have learned this week that I cannot break my fast for two days and jump back  my body did NOT like that



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