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I have committed a horrendous act of negligence. I haven't written or posted in over two months.  For this I apologize. I have had an awful lot going on in my life that I did not want to share, nor has the events put me in a mood to write anything of value.  Though this... Continue Reading →

Opinions Please: Seperate Vacations

I was listening to the radio this morning and they got into a debate about whether it's acceptable or not for you and your significant other to take separate vacations? I think yes it's ok. Everyone deserves some ''me" time to relax and reflect without having to worry about anyone else but themselves. Also how... Continue Reading →

You ever have a headache you can't explain? Then you take your hair out of a bun/ponytail, the pressure eases and all your questions are answered?

My Official Year Out: June 10th, 2017-

Today, June 10th, 2017, marks my official first year out of college. I took some time to reflect upon this and think about 10 things that I have accomplished This is my list: 1.       Went out of state (to Hawaii) 2.       Flew across the ocean for the first time 3.       Found a job immediately after... Continue Reading →

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"To be a part of something else is to a part of something greater Spread your wings to others  But be a strong foundation for you So that others may not take from you, but so you can give without fear of being destroyed by your own kindness" -MikiMaree  

College Cycle: Procrastinate Get mad about procrastinating Suffer from lack of sleep because you are worried about how bad you procrastinated Do the assignment at the last minute Barely turn in the assignment Find out that there is another assignment you should have already been working on And repeat  

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