My dear followers 

I have committed a horrendous act of negligence.

I haven’t written or posted in over two months. 

For this I apologize.

I have had an awful lot going on in my life that I did not want to share, nor has the events put me in a mood to write anything of value. 

Though this blog would have been an ample opportunity to express the feelings that I have kept with me, they also were not  among the guidelines and relative content to the blogs’ theme. 

For anyone whom follows me and has actually been looking for my postings, please know I appreciate your patience and continued following loyalty. 
More content to my ‘college and life after’ coming soon 


1 thought on “My dear followers ”

  1. Thanks for popping in. TOTALLY understand, it hasn’t been sunshine and flowers over here and I couldn’t post for a bit. Hope all works out and you are back to blogging in no time. Best thing about your own blog, you can always come back to it when you’re able to.

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