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1.5 years out

I’ve been out of college for a year and a half now. What have I accomplished?

I still live at home

I haven’t beeen able to keep my weight off

Had a boyfriend and broke up with him

Nearly became a stepmother to his two siblings

Quit two jobs

Had a credit card limit increase…which I spent a good chunk of, so now my debt is higher

I have literally no money actually saved

But enough of the negative

Because, on the other hand I have:

Bought a car, in my name and on my credit 🙂

Opened a second bank account

Started this blog

Enrolled in a graduate program and completed 4 out of 11 classes

Worked three different jobs that have vastly increased my skills (This third one is hopefully my last)

Vacationed in Hawaii with my family

Planned my first weekend getaway for myself and my girl friends (Without my mothers help)

Saved my money and purchased a new laptop

So over all, this post wasn’t a brag. It’s just to emphasize that you have to take the good with the bad and not compare yourself to other peoples’ successes. We all have our own pace and our own plans for our lives. Some are slower than yours. Some are faster than yours. But you pace is just right


2 thoughts on “1.5 years out”

  1. Glad you have accomplished a lot in that time. I also need to save for a laptop or chromebook as my laptop is now too old and slow. I wouldn’t worry too much about your weight, as long as you eat healthy and keep up the exercise. Take care and have a happy day.

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