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What are the benefits of being a Non Traditional Worker?

I need advice. I have very recently become a non-traditional worker, which is someone that works "non traditional" hours and/or works two or more jobs. I'm in the second one category. Both are part time, one in the morning and another in the late evening.  During the middle of the day I work on my… Continue reading What are the benefits of being a Non Traditional Worker?

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Millennials are Uncertain, not Entitled

I loved this read from the Huffington Post. 'Millennials are Uncertain, Not Entitled" "Stories about entitled, apathetic millennials just keep coming. A sense of entitlement is one of the diagnostic criterion for narcissistic personality disorder. Further criteria are a sense of superiority and grandiosity - other charges lobbed at millennials. By itself, researchers have linked… Continue reading Millennials are Uncertain, not Entitled

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Who else but the Tech-Savvy Millennial?

My first job out of college was a 'temp to hire position', working for the city. (I won't mention the city). Temp positions don't always make you feel secure in the first place, but being fresh out of school added to that insecurity. It was like being a freshman again: I had to ask someone else… Continue reading Who else but the Tech-Savvy Millennial?

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Social Cues are Important

Social cues are important. In the workforce, especially in upper management, it is vital to be able to read people to gage their emotional state and comfort levels in a situation. A social cue can be a positive or negative, verbal or non-verbal hint. These cues guide conversation and other social interactions. A few examples of… Continue reading Social Cues are Important

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Business Services

Need help with an essay ? Resume need a little fix ? Trying to start a business? Need help setting up your business cards or website? Message me for very inexpensive assistance 🙂 Credentials: I have always been an excellent writer and craftsman. I am a recent graduate from the University of California Riverside where… Continue reading Business Services