Poem: (Untitled)

  A Broken Poem:   I was nurtured verses natured                  It has shaped me so                  It has molded me so   I am stubborn with fairness                  I recognize this in me   I make this a strength   Say NO with no fear,                                                  Bespeak your beliefs                                                  Follow in your heart... Continue Reading →

"To be a part of something else is to a part of something greater Spread your wings to others  But be a strong foundation for you So that others may not take from you, but so you can give without fear of being destroyed by your own kindness" -MikiMaree  

Poem: Ay Ay I

Ay, Ay, I am NOT of One Ay, Ay, I that am thick thighed and wide hipped White in my hair, Black in my lips Both in my heritage as I am not of purely one, Though I know not either what exactly I am I know no one that is so wholly pure…   Ay, Ay,... Continue Reading →

Rest In Pieces

Rest in Peace Rest in Peace Rest in Pieces of my mind Since my thoughts have been shattered With the increase of crime Black sons, Black daughters, Black Husbands In murder do they part All now becoming pieces of poor black art We have never been their equal My black family and I Though the... Continue Reading →

Poem: Now what do you see

Poem on How races view me Now what do you see Do you really see what is there or is it only what you think? Yea I know you get this question a lot when talking about racism You know… really no one is all that different…. Genetically speaking I am “mixed’.. but if I... Continue Reading →

Poem: Constant Change

From battery operated to $4 a gallon engines From Pre-school to Elementary From Kamrynn stop hitting me, to hit me when you need me Sis From Elementary to Middle school From coloring books to bubbling scantrons From Middle to High school From Mom can I have, to Mom what do you need? From High school... Continue Reading →

Poem: Nature Is A Beautiful thing

    Nature is a beautiful thing…   When it isn’t retaliating   But can we really blame nature for her emotional mood swings?   Isn't it our fault that the air has smog rings?   And our fault that majority of our forests are seared?   And isn't it us that have made the... Continue Reading →

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