Art and Poetry, Life, Millennial

Poem: Constant Change

From battery operated to $4 a gallon engines

From Pre-school to Elementary

From Kamrynn stop hitting me, to hit me when you need me Sis

From Elementary to Middle school

From coloring books to bubbling scantrons

From Middle to High school

From Mom can I have, to Mom what do you need?

From High school to College

And now I am considered grown…

               Yes as I am grown in age, but I haven’t finished growing

                               Not by a long shot

Because growing up never ends

Change causes growth, and growth causes change

Like the seasons, and their flowers

Like homes, from huts to towers

Change is as trying as war

It is a Mental adventure,

an Emotional trial

It is lessons to be learned and accomplishments to be earned

And you will learn to not always be set in your ways

               I am not set in my ways

I will change as change is constant

And I am constantly changing


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