Art and Poetry, Family, Life, Millennial

Poem: ForgiveMe

I was raised?…

I was raised to be Christian,

by family of blood

by family of community

by those who lived entirely by the Bible

down to the period the very last scripture.

Please forgive me

My own experiences within their devotion formed me

my beliefs of right and wrong, good, and bad,

they became directors of my life’s play, my thoughts and actions

of whom and what I was thankful for

and I was not to question, but to do,

and that was all I knew.

Please forgive me

It went from being becoming a means of communal unity

To a means and social acceptance

They called it commUNITY

I followed blindly.

And then

I broke away

I called it entrapment

And I broke away

Please forgive me

But do not mistake me as lost

I know my God and do so believe he knows me too

And he forgives me for my separation

Just like I was taught He would

He forgives me


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