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What are the benefits of being a Non Traditional Worker?

I need advice.

I have very recently become a non-traditional worker, which is someone that works “non traditional” hours and/or works two or more jobs. I’m in the second one category. Both are part time, one in the morning and another in the late evening.  During the middle of the day I work on my masters degree or go to the gym.

Why did I get another job? Honestly, I’m not sure.  I have always been an office type, which I love. My new second job is retail. I guess I’m looking to become more rounded as an employee, and to get off my butt. I know that standing for hours isn’t great for you but if I sit for 6 hours and stand for 6 hours, that’s gotta count for some physical health balance right?

Anyway, my question is, how many of my followers are non-traditional? What are the benefits of being a non-traditional worker for you?


3 thoughts on “What are the benefits of being a Non Traditional Worker?”

  1. My husband works nontraditional hours. I have to say a benefit for him is he can go to appointments during the day, clean the house, grocery shop. LOL All different points than where you are at I’m sure. It does have it’s downsides as well. He is off when I’m working, most of his friends are working too.

    I work during the day but am off in the early afternoon. I think an advantage is running errands and not having my evening cut short. More time with family and friends.

    Those are just some positives for us. Hope all goes well with your Master’s classes. I do not miss those days LOL.

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    1. Thanks so much for the input. I have a 4 hour gap between my jobs for errands and such. Prior to the late evening job i had nothing to do since all my friends were working. Now I guess I have something to keep me busy!

      And thanks for the encourgement on the Masters lol itsdefinitely a love/hate.

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