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Quit your job. Know your worth.

I quit my job. Twice since I graduated.

Because I know my worth. Even at 22 years old.

Millennial’s are often known to be impatient or entitled. We desire immediate gratification. We want more money and we want it faster than we earn it. I agree. I do too. I admit it.

But I also refuse to be told what I am worth. Older people and entire generations tell us that we are spoiled, but it isn’t our faults that we are. You can’t grow up in a technological age where everything you could need is more and more available at the touch of a button.

How else would we be if not ‘spoiled’?

So spoiled or not, I know that I am valuable and skilled, especially in the workplace and I want to be treated as such. I’m not saying that because I have an education and I think “I’m better than anyone”, but the amount of debt that I am in has to count for something, and if nothing else, I deserve respect.

A recent position that I was in, I quit. Luckily I was in a position stable enough to do so, but I could not take it anymore. My BOSS, (Emphasis on boss and not manager or supervisor) treated me like a child. I understand some micromanaging, I really do. Sometimes it is just their personality, but in the workplace, that needs to be kept in check. You can’t look over someones’ shoulder, require status reports every 10 minutes, ask for a list of absolutely everything you do with the time frames that you did it in, refuse to admit when you’re wrong, demand that you don’t speak with your co-workers in any way that isn’t business related, suddenly cut my hours in half…the list goes on y’all.

But you can’t do all THAT, and expect anyone to be a productive or satisfied worker. And I was a TEMP employee… lets top it off with that. So I’m not getting benefits, earning vacation, getting time off, and the temp agency takes a percentage of my earnings as well so I’m not getting my entire check already.

So I quit.

Does that make me spoiled? Does that make me impatient? Does that mean I’m being a baby and I don’t know to work in today’s workforce?

I don’t think so.

I’m confident.

I know how I should be treated. And that wasn’t it.

I know my worth.  And when I interviewed for my latest (and best position ever) I explained exactly that.

My new supervisor understood and I am so glad.


Don’t be mistreated. Don’t let anyone get comfortable disrespecting you. Don’t be their doormat and don’t let anyone tell you that you’re too young to know your worth and how you should be treated. Make people understand your value. I read once, cant remember where, that ‘if you let people use you as a doormat, they will still complain that you aren’t flat enough’



3 thoughts on “Quit your job. Know your worth.”

  1. Hi! Well done on being brave enough to take a risk to make yourself happier. I think there’s definitely a work culture these days which tells young people just to put up with poor attitudes in the workplace. Sure, we might not have much experience but when you hire someone you’re showing you trust them to do the job with a little bit of guidance.

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    1. Thank you for your comment! It wasn’t an easy decision to quit, but you are right, there definitely was a level of mistrust with all of the micro-managing.
      I greatly appreciate your input and for taking the time to read my blog.


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