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SideNote: I almost graduated without eyebrows


If you care to know before hand, I have naturally arched eyebrows. Medium fullness.

Stardate: June 6th, 2016.

I was to graduate in 4 days. It was time to get ready and have my girly girl moments to prepare for it. My roommate and I went to get our eyebrows threaded by our regular eyebrow lady. (When I say regular I mean we went to the same shop about 4 times. I had never even thought about getting my eyebrows done until my roommate convinced me)

Anyway, we went to the shop, signed in and waited. I was called first.

*insert ‘JAWS’ music here*

The threader was unfamiliar but the shop had never steered me wrong before.

I sat down and asked her to SHAPE my eyebrows and she did.

Into a straight freakin line.

I had about a two dozen eyebrow hairs on each side.

I was devastated.


I didn’t have time to grow them back.

I didn’t have enough hair to ‘fill in the gaps’

There were no gaps in her line.

I didn’t have the knowledge, skills or abilities to figure out how to fix it.

I got up from the chair and turned to face my roommate. Her face said it all. I didn’t have to explain.

She almost didn’t get in the chair. And I don’t blame her. She emphasized to the threaders that she wanted hers “shaped as well. Don’t take a lot off”

Fastforward to us leaving:

We get in the car and I pull down the visor. And I actually cry. Real tears.

I worked so hard to graduate on time, fit into my dress, keep my skin clear and have nice healthy hair to curl for the ceremony.

I never thought all of that prep could almost be ruined by missing eyebrows.

So thank you lord for sisters.

If it wern’t for her, I would have walked across the stage with poorly stenciled eyebrows.


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