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Graduation: Day of and After

On June 10th, 2016, likely one of the hottest days of the year, I walked across the stage and shook hands with some important people that I can’t remember the name or title of.

And that walk, with my $300 cap and gown and my $20 sandals and $40 dress and an hour worth of makeup on my face, signified that I completed my 4 years of torture and officially began to accrue my $30,000 in debt.


It was finally over.

Well, almost

You see people walk across the stage and walk off into the sunset with their family, all smiling and happy and proud, you can almost forget about the post graduation struggles.

This includes, but is not limited to: moving out of your apt/dorm, packing, driving hours back home, unpacking, being social to your family for hours on end, smiling like an idiot, and last but not least, actually finding a job.

So, my story goes:

After a lovely dinner with my family, many of whom travelled from all of the state of California, my mother, sister, godmother and I went back to our two bed hotel room absolutely exhausted.

And I didn’t get a lick of sleep.

My godmother, god bless her, snores like a dying walrus in the middle of a monster truck rally. (If you read this Godmommy, I’m sorry)

My little sister and I are up talking to each other, mostly laughing ’cause there is absolutely no way we are gonna sleep. The hours are just ticking by, closing in on our 7 hour drive to Sacramento ahead of us. (For my California Friends, we took the I-5, so you know how bad that drive is)

I finally can’t take it anymore and jump up and tell my mother that I’m ready to leave. Its 2am. After an hour of debating  that it was ‘too early’ and ‘we should try to sleep’ (Basically Arguing) my mom finally agrees/gave up, and we pack up and leave at 3 in the morning.

After a little bit of road swaying, and lot of coffee and a few pounds of teeth rotting sugar we make it home.

And my Godmother, still bless her, falls asleep on the couch. And snores.


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