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What Chance encounter has changed your life?

Wow. What a question?

I found this question on some random link when I was in google looking for conversation starters. Of all 101 questions, this one stuck to me.

It’s interesting to think about  really. It makes you reflect on all of the people you have met in your life, and categorize them by how much of an impact they may or may not have in it. You question whether it was really by chance or was there some force in the world that did this on purpose? Were they there for a season or for a reason?

I ended up considering my college roommate as my biggest chance encounter. We took a survey before we were assigned to our dorms to find out who we would live best with. The algorithm, I assumed, would match us with someone very similar.

My answers consisted largely of mentioning that I don’t like going out, I love hip-hop/R&B but don’t listen to my music on blast, I’m moderately social. I even admitted to being a Disney fan at the rip old age of 18. My favorite color is the sunset and I like to spend my free time painting and reading.

I don’t know how we matched, because Ali’s answers were practically the mirror opposite of mine.  She hated reading, she liked dark colors, listened to music loud all the time and claimed to be very social.

We met and she instantly didn’t like me. And it didn’t help that my dad made fun of her feet on move in day.

She didn’t like me not only based on my answers but also on my friendly little email that I sent her about how excited I was to meet her and be friends. Ali was not here for my “sunshiny attitude”.

All in all, we ended up being the absolute best of friends. We are so much alike it is almost scary, and in the ways we are opposite, just keeps us balanced. We both love to stay home and read for hours, even skipping class to read a book instead. We cooked, shopped, studied, had mini mental breakdowns, went to the gym, had the same job, same classes, and on and on and on. It even got to the point that people even started wondering if we were a lesbian couple.

I know a lot of people say this about their friends but I really believe that I would not have made it through college without her. We kept each other safe and sane. Even now, after graduation and moving back home, 600 miles apart she is still be very best friend.

So how did this encounter change my life?

She made me realize that in life, you need a true friend that you never doubt is on your team. In growth and prosperity, they are not jealous but glad for you. In relationships, a shoulder to lean on and give you real advice instead of cry on and give you false encouragement. In health, a friend that will call every emergency room in the area to find you to be by your side (which I did 🙂 ). In fun, encourages you to let go and beat the stimgas but keeps you from getting hurt. I know that I will always and forever have a real friend.

That’s what this chance encounter has changed for my life


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