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Ali and the Kindle

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My best friend Ali absolutely hated reading when we first met. Now, she can hardly put down her phones’ kindle app. She initially though that reading was unnecessary and should only be done when its required for school. And even then, she barely wanted to read the entire assignment.

I introduced her to the Amazon Kindle app. I chose a book that I had really liked and literally begged her to give it a chance. After maybe a month, she finally read it…. And fell in love. I recommended a few more books and showed her how to filter books to the genres that she liked.

She’s been an avid reader ever since.

Almost every night during college, we read until out eyes hurt. We dimmed the backlight on our phones and pretended to not be awake at 3 am reading when one of us called the other from across the room. Nearly our entire Saturday was devoted to reading in our beds with a cup of coffee as we promised each other that we would read “just one more chapter” before we started doing our homework. Most times that promise was never held, but we never held each other to the promise in the first place. Those are the nights I miss from school; the quiet nights inside our dorm or apartment, being an introvert with my introvert friend, reading a book and sharing the stories.

We have grown as readers who like some very similar AND very different genres but we still share the love of late nights and reading a good book in bed for hours.


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