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1 minute read/ short story

I set the smoke alarm off while making bacon

It was a really nice Sunday morning. Aliyah and I had planned on making a big breakfast together. She was whisking eggs and I was making bacon. I had place the cinnamon rolls, our favorite thing ever, into the oven 20 minutes ago and they were just about ready to come out.

Then all hell broke loose.

Our apartment was small and the kitchen was tiny. We had the window open and the kitchen fan on so that we wouldn’t set of the alarm. We were the type of people who made fun of others for setting off the alarm when they made popcorn.

But then, it was me.

I set off the alarm making bacon and as the rules go, you must evacuate the building. So we did and walked halfway to the parking lot ‘safe meeting zone’ when I remembered


Guys, I seriously ran back to the apartment, and took the cinnamon rolls out of the oven AND removed them from the cooking sheet so they could cool.

All before the police department came.

I got written up for my first warning.

But my cinnamon rolls were cooked to perfection.


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