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They All Ignored My Screams

My roommate and best friend, Ali scared me so bad one night that I literally screamed like I was being murdered…. And no one came to save me

I was awake late one night, reading from my kindle on my phone. Aliyah got out of her bed and went to the living room. I don’t remember when I stopped reading but apparently, I did and had fallen asleep with my back towards out door.

All I remember is the feeling of someone approaching me, which woke me from my sleep. So I twisted around in my bed to face the door and saw a blinding light coming towards me. I screamed at the top of my lungs and scooted back as far as I could into the corner of my bed. I froze as the light began to wobble and screamed louder as it headed towards Ali’s bed, thinking someone was going towards her. The light went back to the middle of the room then dropped.

Ali approached me and began shaking my shoulders screaming at me


I stop screaming, finally, and begin to breath heavy.

Then I laugh.

And I’m not laughing because it’s funny. I’m laughing because I’m hysterical. Then I start to cry as I come down from my fear.

So, what happen?

I work up from my sleep because I heard our door open as Aliyah returned to the room. I had thought she was already back in bed so when I saw the light (the flashlight on her phone that she was using as a guide back to bed), I thought it was a stranger approaching and instinct told me to scream.

When Aliyah jumped in fear and ran to her bed for safety, I was still thinking it was someone else so I thought they were attacking her and screamed louder.

Once Aliyah realized that I was screaming because of her, she came to my bed and shook me out of it.

We had a third roommate names Stephanie.

We lived on the second floor with thin walls, ceiling and floors.

No one came to check on the girl screaming like she was being murdered.

Thanks college


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