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First College Field Trip

When I first went to college I was a biochemistry major. Being in the sciences automatically enrolled me in the STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) program. I received emails all the time for evens but never really had the desire to go. I switched majors during my first quarter of college because I quickly came to realize that I didn’t like science at all but even after I switched I still received emails.

They finally came to an event, a field trip, that I was interested in going to and could afford.  It was to the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium and I paid for my first college field trip with 12 empty soda cans. (Literally)

Now to the interesting part.

At the aquarium I had a great time, but the aquarium was not even the part that fascinated me most. Being out and walking along the beach made me really realize …I hadn’t been off campus since I started college. So I had been stuck on campus, repeating my days and staying in my room for 5 months straight. I didn’t go grocery shopping because I only ate campus food. I didn’t take the bus because it would only lead to wanting  to go somewhere to spend money that I didn’t have. Sure I went to some of the school events and concerts but they were on campus as well. The college is set up in such a way that everything is accessible so you don’t even realize your trapped

I may have been ‘on my own’ since I was in school but I had an epiphany out there with the ocean breeze on my skin. I was really on my own. I could make my own decisions. I can take my own adventures. I didn’t have to ask permission. I could go where I wanted for how long I wanted. I learned that I didn’t have to be in a rut. I didn’t have to do the same things. I could spice up my life as much as I was comfortable doing. Spread my wings and get fresh air, even if it meant taking a walk on a mountain path.

It was such a freeing moment in my life and I hope that others can read this and learn to find a way to have this moment.  Go on a trip, take a walk, lay in the grass and look at the sky. Go to a town or city you’ve never been, it doesn’t even have to be far away. Catch a bus to a park and people watch. Get away from your rut.

Find your way to have your little moment of freedom


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