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A Message to Freshmen

Dear Freshmen,

Let’s be brutally honest here.

High school ‘college prep classes’ were a lie.

Your first year is not easy. Its a trap if you let it get you.

I hate that still, to this day, high school students are lied to about what to expect when going to college. High school teachers and counselors tell them:

They ‘will have more freedom’, not ‘you will have a ton of responsibility that can literally drown you’.

They tell you that ‘you can pick your own classes”, not that you can ‘pick your own classes from the 10 bullshit classes that are left, AFTER all of the upperclassmen pick first AND make sure you are choosing classes that will count for credit for your major, otherwise you are wasting money”,

They tell them  “your schedule is made by you so that you can have all morning classes and be free for the rest of the day!” NOT that “Actually, you have to take what you can get so you might get a 7 am class, a random 8:30 am class, a 9:30 group meeting, a 10:30 am class, a 1pm tutor session,  a 2 pm class and a 7pm class.. and work from 3-6pm.. all in one day”.

They don’t tell you this so you are unprepared.

FRESHMAN, be warned.

Your first year is not easy. Its a trap if you let it get you.

Scheduling your classes is sometimes the most stressful part of the entire semester. Having fun is good for you, but don’t let the freedom away from your parents consume you. Your parents have taught you, hopefully, to be responsible with your time. DON’T FORGET THIS.

DO you homework

GO to study groups

GET help from the academic resource center/ tutors

KNOW who your counselor is

ASK questions


Your first year is not easy. Its a trap if you let it get you.



A college grad who almost got trapped


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