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Pre-Party Naps

You have to energize before you party.

But for my roommate and I, the energy was not for the actual function of partying but for the ability to socialize at all.

We hated partying, clubbing, going to the bar, going to school events… all of it. We were completely antisocial with no shame. We would much rather stay home and read books or play video games.

… But being a college student, you almost feel obligated to go out and party every once in a while. So when we did, we needed a nap.

The benefits of a pre-party nap:

  • To have just enough energy to function socially
  • To have enough energy to to stay for an acceptable amount of time
  • To give yourself the mental preparation for going out
  • To give yourself the opportunity to say ‘oops, I fell asleep’


I don’t regret going to the few parties we went to, but I still would have rather stayed home.

What do you do before going out?



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