Life, Millennial

Graduation Day

99 degrees.


I was so glad my gown was zipped up ’cause it was a sweaty mess under there. Not only was it hot, but the ceremony was in the grass, in the sun. There was a single tree to produce shade to absolutely no one.

It took so much sweat and tears and moments of hysteria to get to that field.

Sweat from, basically living in Riverside at all. (That place doesn’t know what rain is unless it floods.)

Hysteria from any and all math/Econ classes that I ever took.

and tears… because I almost walked across the stage without eyebrows (that’s another story)

But I made it to that pollen filled field.

Where my family and friends all sat, sweaty and proud.

Standing next to my best friend


The day was hectic to say the least.

And absolute chaos to say the most.

But it was worth the madness

and I have never been prouder of myself



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