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Switching Majors

It is OK to switch majors.

There is honestly no shame in switching majors and let me tell you why.


The school paints this beautiful picture of fun, educational and super interesting classes. You think you are going to be in high school chem class, adding stuff together to make a reaction or change the colour of the solution.

Wrong. You better memorize every formula they throw at you and be prepared to receive the class average grade, a ‘D’.

They tell you that your math class isn’t going to have comprehensive exams.

Right. But they didn’t tell you that each midterm consists of 4 chapters of information.

They say history is easy! Just memorize dates and events.

Wrong. They forgot you tell you about the in class writing exam that is 50% of your grade.

They tell you English is a breeze!

They seemed to have omitted that your essays need to follow some ridiculous format that you DEFINITELY didn’t learn in school.

So if you picked a major, and you are taking classes that you have discovered that you aren’t good at, don’t be afraid to switch. Almost everyone does it and its ok!

The biggest issue with switching majors that if you switch too late, you have to stay an extra year.

Don’t let anyone judge you for your decision to change your mind. You are the one in the classes. You will be the one struggling and staying up all night. You will be the one to suffer the mental and emotions when you fail a class that you just couldn’t pass no matter how hard you tried. You will be one in school for longer trying to make up the classes you fail.

So don’t let anyone get in the way of you passions and abilities.

I was a BioChem major when I first entered college. I took one seminar class that basically explained all of the classes that I would be taking and I realized then and there, on the second day of class, that I do not like science. Why was I going to waste my time doing something that I hated? I initially went as a BioChem major because I wanted to be a dentist. I wanted to have a major that would get me into a goof medical school and then I could have a career.

I learned early that that was not going to be that life I wanted. I didn’t want to be a dentist for the right reasons. I just wanted the money, and that’s not the way to go for me because I would be absolutely miserable. Miserable and wealthy. I got a lot of kickback from my family when I switched majors but ultimately, it was my choice. And I am very happy with my success thus far as a recently graduated student with my BS in Business.

So don’t let anyone tell you how to go to college. Do what the h*ell you want and embrace it.


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