Diets and Exercise

Friday, May 12th, 2017

I wasn’t tired/lethargic today.

I actually felt rather energetic, so I’m excited to share that news 🙂

I wasn’t totally focused on when I was going to eat. Though my stomach rumbled around 12 pm, I was able to pretty much ignore it until 1 pm.

Lunch was a bowl of cereal. (I was in a rush)

The rest of my day I was traveling so I didn’t get a chance to eat properly

Dinner was two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches


So this concludes my first week of intermittent fasting.

Overall, it was something that I think I can do. It wasn’t very difficult, just an adjustment. I was hungriest 2 out of 4 days and the coffee really helped.

My plan for next week is to alternate coffee with green tea and a tiny bit of honey. Hopefully that gives me the same satisfaction as coffee.

My sleep was not interrupted by hunger, except on the night that I had Chinese food and had to make myself ignore my stomach and go to sleep.

Energy wise, I felt that it increased as the week went on. Again, nothing monumental but noticeable.


For my followers/readers whom have followed my progress this week, thank you kindly for your support and interest!

Tune in next week !






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