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Thursday, May 11th 2017

Same routine.

Woke up at 6:30. Got dressed. Made coffee. Went to work

i was actually pretty hungry today during the morning but I pushed through again and drank water and coffee.

I can say that I was a bit more energetic than I had been the last few days but nothing monumental. My focus was off today because I was hungrier than usual and a lot of my attention went to watching the clock to count down the hours for when I can eat.


Lunch: PBJ

Dinner: Chick-fila chicken nuggets.


I seriously have to to do better with what I eat but I’ve come to the conclusion that this week was just an adjustment period to seeing if I can go without breakfast.

im feeling confident so far but I am also concerned that I may have to space my fasting days to two ‘on’ and ‘one’ off.


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