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Sunday, May 21st, 2017

Day Type: Backwards Fasting

This weekend, I spent time with my boyfriend’s family. I did not fast on Saturday. I meant to fast on Sunday but ended up…reverse fasting.

Breakfast: I ate breakfast at 10 and lunch at about 3 pm then I did not eat again for the rest of the day. His family makes HUGE meals so I was pretty full all day. As difficult as it was to resist the peer pressure and eat less than everyone else, I was able to do it! Which makes me incredibly proud of myself. Instead of two whole giant waffles (waffle Iron style) I ate one.

Lunch: Was around 3 pm. Instead of a giant double stuffed burrito like everyone else, I had a small burrito with vegetables.

Accomplishment of the day: I was very satisfied with my smaller portions, which I feel is a very good thing as I am adjusting and realizing I do not need as much food to be full.\

Things to Improve on: None today 🙂


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