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5 Reasons Why It’s Hard To Date In 2016

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Jay Colby

  1. Fear of failed relationships:It’s becoming common to see the people around us getting in bad relationships. It’s practically impossible to trust someone these days. We’ve all heard stories from our friends, family and colleagues being related to some sort of cheating scandal. As a result, some have major trust issues, while others might feel burdened with insecurity from their partner.
  2. Having high standards:As we grow older, we add more things to our list of what we look for. We understand what we want in personality qualities, physical attraction, values, interests, etc.This makes finding a partner tricky because each person has a certain score for his or herself to determine his or her own worth.
  3. Unknown definition of love:For some people, love is a feeling of being in the moment much more than just being loved. For others, love requires a lot of personal growth. I expound on…

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Ali and the Kindle

2 minute read My best friend Ali absolutely hated reading when we first met. Now, she can hardly put down her phones’ kindle app. She initially though that reading was unnecessary and should only be done when its required for school. And even then, she barely wanted to read the entire assignment. I introduced her… Continue reading Ali and the Kindle

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1 minute read/ short story I set the smoke alarm off while making bacon It was a really nice Sunday morning. Aliyah and I had planned on making a big breakfast together. She was whisking eggs and I was making bacon. I had place the cinnamon rolls, our favorite thing ever, into the oven 20… Continue reading SAVE THE CINNAMON ROLLS!

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The Double Sided Boar Brush

Super Short Story: Like I've mentions before, my boyfriend and I are of different ethnic backgrounds. I absolutely love our ethnic and cultural differences. It is so fun to introduce each other to culturally common practices, items, and foods. This super short story is about the 'Boar Brush". The boar brush is a hard bristled… Continue reading The Double Sided Boar Brush

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Why I Didn’t Join a Sorority

3 Minute Read/ Controversial Topic Let's make something clear... I have absolutely nothing against College Greek life/sororities/fraternities. I appreciate all of the volunteer work that many of the Greek organizations are involved in. Personally, I don't see the appeal of the rest of it. Let me take you back to the 'club rush' week of college.… Continue reading Why I Didn’t Join a Sorority

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My Filipino Boyfriend: Lotion

Again, I'm black and he is Filipino   Lotion Previously, my boyfriend has been 'banned' from wearing cargo shorts by one of our friends. He bought some earlier this week as part of a moment of rebellion. We have plans to go out of town this weekend and my boyfriend insists on wearing the cargo… Continue reading My Filipino Boyfriend: Lotion

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My Filipino Boyfriend: African Black Soap

African Black soap An anecdote  I'm black. My boyfriend is Filipino. I felt that was important to mention just for clarity's sake. November 2016, 2 months before we actually started dating, he had never been over to my house before. So, he and a few of my other friends came over and he goes to… Continue reading My Filipino Boyfriend: African Black Soap