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My Filipino Boyfriend: Lotion

Again, I’m black and he is Filipino



Previously, my boyfriend has been ‘banned’ from wearing cargo shorts by one of our friends. He bought some earlier this week as part of a moment of rebellion.

We have plans to go out of town this weekend and my boyfriend insists on wearing the cargo pants to taunt our friend Chris.

So in Walmart today, he had on another pair of cargos, because for whatever reason, it decided to be 90 degrees today. He mentioned that he was excited to taunt Chris again and so I glanced down… and his feet were ashy.

Me: “You can wear the cargos all you want… but you need lotion”

Him: “Babe, you entered into this relationship. You know I don’t care how I look”

“I know what I did. You need still lotion”

“Babe, I.–”



“Lotion: Jergens, Cocoa Butter, Olive oil, Vaseline, Johnson and Johnson, Aveeno, Nivea….Equate. Lotion”




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