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My Filipino Boyfriend: African Black Soap

African Black soap

An anecdote 

I’m black. My boyfriend is Filipino.
I felt that was important to mention just for clarity’s sake.

November 2016, 2 months before we actually started dating, he had never been over to my house before. So, he and a few of my other friends came over and he goes to the restroom.

When he comes out, he looked a bit…confused. (Anyone coming out of the bathroom looking anything less than pleased should raise a red flag)

So he looked at me and asked …

“Hey, umm…Can I ask you something… I really don’t wanna sound racist..”

“Sure go ahead”

What is African Black Soap?”

We all FALL OUT laughing. Mind you, just about all of my friends are black or mixed with black so we know what it is

So I answer..’It’s just a type of soap. Mostly to prevent acne.”

“Oh. I was just asking about it because I was staring at it when I was taking a piss and when I was washing my hands…I was just really curious.”

   So guys, don’t be afraid to ask questions. I am personally not easily offended. There is always such curiosity between cultures, and I don’t mean to make this a piece solely about race but really, we are not all bad and sometimes, it is just worth the risk to ask. I have been exposed to such new things about my boyfriend and his family that I would have never known or learned without him. I think it makes me a more open person to see acceptance from his side and from mine as we learn new ways to cook and eat, new languages and socialization and new views on what is and isn’t important, 

So go forth and be curious


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