College, Family and Friends

Day 1: Miscommunication



Meeting my roommates was fun, despite the fact that one of them, Ali, didn’t like me because I was too happy (which I found out later of course. We are still best friends to this day though). Highlights of the event was:

  • My dad making fun of Ali’s feet to the point that she stood in her suitcase to hide them. Mind you, this is the first day meeting her.
  • My mother volunteering my storage chest full of food to my roommates.

“You guys are welcome to eat anything in here! Mikayle loves sharing”

… y’all should have seen my face

  • My 13 year old  sister, whom is taller than I am, being mistaken for the one moving in
  • and last but not least… Jazmin

Jaz knocked on the door and was like “Hi… um, I think this is my room.”

And thus the beginning of our petty alliance.

Ali and I looked at each other and basically told her

‘We already claimed these beds. This is my side. This is hers. So there is no more space. I don’t know where you think your gonna sleep.”

so if you ask Jazmin what she was thinking at that moment, it goes a little like this:

“I stood there patiently. Deciding which one will be murdered slowly in there sleep. While still deliberating whose future would end with the edge of a knife, a head pops up from behind the balcony, a scowl already on her face. And her fate was decided. Aliyah was going to die for being a fool! Lmfao #TheHateIsReal”



Turns out…Jazmin got the numbers mixed up. She was in the wrong room.




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