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Lifestyle Changes: May 9th, 2017

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

This was my first day of my intermittent fasting (IF) .

I stopped eating at 9pm on Monday night. I woke up around 6 am for work. I had to remind myself not to eat, since breakfast has always been a habit of mine.

Since I was already awake and had an extra half hour of time I did some more reading on IF. Found out that coffee is acceptable to drink without it really ‘counting’ towards consumption ( as long as I don’t exceed 50 calories). So I made a coffee, and I admit to cheating a little by adding creamer, but I was still under 50 calories.

I went to work at 7:30. Around 11am I started feeling a little peckish/hungry, but not nearly as hungry as I thought I would be, but I just drank some water and kept pushing. I was a little more lathargic near 12 but I wasn’t starving like I thought I would be. So I took a walk around my office to get my blood pumping and pushed to the end of my shift at 1pm.

By then I was very hungry but hadn’t experienced hunger pains or anything. I started to get a bit of a headache from not eating so I quickly drank more water as I drove to get a sandwich.

Subway- Footlong Oven Roasted Chicken sandwich: about 650 Calories

(Then, honestly I forgot about trying to eat better and got a cinnamon roll when I went to the mall looking for a Mothers Day gift.)

Dinner was left over BBQ with a side of rice. I couldn’t count these calories either.



Overall, My goal was to eat about 2000 calories so I was not successful on my first day but I’m going to keep going.


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