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Week 5

Another Week of intermittent fasting

My routine is pretty much the same each day. I have definitely started to eat less when I eat and with summer coming, I have more fresh fruit options like cherries and nectarines, which I totally love. I decided to finally start the actual ‘working out’ part to my personal program. I went to the park to wait to pick up my boyfriend’s brother from school. The link to that post is :Defeated for a moment 

But I have copied it here as well.

Defeated for a Moment

Thursday, June 8th, 2017

Non fasting day

Went to the park to do some light jogging

For a moment I felt defeated as I stretched and prepped and began and couldn’t jog for more than 30 seconds before my knees and calves started hurting

Just for a moment as other joggers ran passed me and I was nearly crippled in pain

Just for a moment when I was ready to stop and turn around and go the 1000 feet back to my car

Just for a moment when I wanted to pull off, ashamed and embarrassed and wanting to hide from people I didn’t even know

Just for a moment

But then I thought about how everyone starts somewhere and it’s never to late to start over

But then I thought if I walk no one knows if I chose to walk or if I’m walking because I can’t run

But then I thought you are doing this for you and no one else

So I kept going and kept walking


1 thought on “Week 5”

  1. Great post!

    Its good to remember that we must live for what makes us happy inspite of naysayers and the status quo. Besides, your doing what’s right for your health.

    Today, you may think they are laughing at you. Tomorrow, they will be asking you what you did to get in shape! 😁😎👍💪

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