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The Nail Salon

I took my boyfriend to the nail salon.

You would think I learned my lesson from taking him to the massage parlor.

I didn’t. 

So, my boyfriend wanted to treat me to a nail day. I planned on getting a manicure and pedicure but I was able to convince him to get a pedicure for himself. He doesn’t like people touching him in general but I really wanted him to experience fresh, well taken care of feet! So he said yes.

And it was just the funniest thing ever.

He didn’t relax for a single moment while we were there. He was groaning about the lady being too rough on his cuticles and that she was ‘sanding his feet’. He gripped the arm rests and flinched at every tweeze as I sat there and had the best mani/pedi ever.

Me: “Well she wouldn’t have to work so hard if you took better care of your feet”

Edwin gave me the dirtiest look ever, then claimed that he would never go to the nail salon again.


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