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The Non Intruder

An Anecdote

It was a hot night and our air conditioner was failing, as usual. Ali and I were sitting in our living room with the door open hoping for a breeze when we were distracted by a sound. Curious, we paused and listened again for it. It was a kitten, and she was crying.

Mentally I thought ‘aww poor cat” but initially I continued watching TV and Ali goes to the kitchen. Suddenly, I am scared out of my wits as the cat just casually walks into the apartment! I jump, of course, and frighten the cat who then runs out of the room. Ali comes running into the room, and out of breath, I tell her what happened. The cat then sits outside of the door and begins to cry again.

“Maybe she’s hungry?” I ask

Ali:”What do we give it?”

Me: “Tuna?”

Ali: ” No wait, don’t feed it! It will never leave!”

Me: “But she’s hungry!”

Ali: “How do you even know it’s a she?”

Me: “…it sounds like one”

So I get up, despite Ali’s opposition, and get a can of tuna. I tell her to watch it and the cat comes back into the house and strolls around waiting. Ali is trying not to touch it and avoids getting too close. I come back with the tuna and then lead the cat outside and down the stairs. She follows, tail twitching happily and I put the tuna can down on the ground. We walk away slowly and go back inside.

Me: “I miss her already. We should have kept it”


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