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5/21/17 (Sunday)

Day Type: Backwards Fasting

This weekend, I spent time with my boyfriend’s family. I did not fast on Saturday. I meant to fast on Sunday but ended up…reverse fasting.

Breakfast: I ate breakfast at 10 and lunch at about 3 pm then I did not eat again for the rest of the day. His family makes HUGE meals so I was pretty full all day. As difficult as it was to resist the peer pressure and eat less than everyone else, I was able to do it! This makes me incredibly proud of myself. Instead of two whole giant waffles (waffle Iron style) I ate one.

Lunch: Was around 3 pm. Instead of a giant double stuffed burrito like everyone else, I had a small burrito with vegetables.

Accomplishment of the day: I was very satisfied with my smaller portions, which I feel is a very good thing as I am adjusting and realizing I do not need as much food to be full.\

Things to Improve on: None today 🙂


Day Type: Non Fasting

Morning: I ate breakfast on Monday at about 7 am, which meant I technically did my 16/8 fasting. (My last meal on Sunday was about 3 pm) I treated Monday as a regular day instead of a fasting day, since, as mentioned last week, I was not going to do my non fasting days only on the weekend. I felt good on Monday. Again, no headaches or sickness. I DID get a compliment from my boyfriend that I looked like I was losing weight. I haven’t gotten on the scale though but I will do so on Friday and let you all know.

Lunch: was at 1:30 pm, right after work. I had a chocolate chip granola bar and a burrito.

Dinner: was at about 4 pm and consisted of a porkchop with white rice.

Accomplishments of the Day: I had the opportunity to walk around my office building

Things to Work on: Adding fruit to my meals

Thanks for reading, I appreciate your time!


P.S. If any of you have fasted before, do you have any tips you would like to share?



Day Type: Fasting

I decided on a whim to reduce my coffee intake and seek how I felt and I would have to say it was a SUCCESSFUL experiment!

My thermos holds 20oz of liquid. I usually fill it up halfway, so say I drink about 10 oz of coffee a day. I calculated that to be an awful lot and also began to feel like I didn’t need to drink as much to keep myself from being hungry.

I filled up my thermos to about 6 oz and went to work. I sipped it once when I got there and thought that I don’t have a lot so I should drink it sparingly. I actually FORGOT about my coffee until I was almost ready to leave work! I did not have a hunger headache. I did not feel tired.

So this is the start of week 3 for my fasting and I am to a point where I almost don’t need my coffee to hold me over. Hopefully the scale agrees with the progress I’m feeling!

Accomplishments of the Day:  Decreased coffee consumption

Things to work on: continuing to drink less and less coffee.



Day Type: Non Fasting

I weighed myself today: 203

That’s still a lot, but… I am SO happy right now. At the beginning of the month, I was 206. Three pounds in 3 weeks isn’t huge, but its progress, about 1 pound a week, I have really struggled to get any weight off for months now and this month, I decided to make a change. I introduced intermittent fasting, as my readers probably know, 3 weeks ago and have not weighed myself since. I definitely think that slowly adding exercise to my week will help me lose more weight a little faster.

Breakfast: Oatmeal and 6 oz of coffee today

Lunch: Cheese Burger

Dinner: Chicken and rice

Again, I had very small portions. I almost couldn’t finish my burger, which 3 weeks ago, I would have slammed with fries and a shake. My chicken was ‘palm-size’ protein and about a half cup of rice.

*Side Note: I also found my FitBit (which as been missing for over a month) so I can get my little reminder to move every hour.




Accomplishments of the day: Weighing myself and having lost weight


Things to improve: adding small exercises to my daily routine.


To my readers: Does anyone have any tips or advice for little exercises that I can do at work?



Today was a fasting day and today was AWESOME!

I had my regular morning with a little coffee. For lunch I had a salad.


This is an amazing accomplishment for me everyone. I have been working very hard on maintaining my fasting schedule and I keep planning on adding exercise. Today i finally followed through on it and exercised.

I was listening to a song on my phone while I was out walking my dog and when I returned home, the song was stuck in my head and I just started dancing. I put it on repeat and that was it! 20 minutes of high intensity movement but all at my own pace. I danced like no one was watching (Because no one was)

Now I AM very sore but it was such a good feeling afterwards that I will do it again tomorrow (or Saturday). Next time, I think I will choose a song I like and try to learn the moves in a music video. This way, it will almost like a regular exercise program 🙂

Side Note: I got on the scale again today…cause it was on the floor… and I was at 202. I’m almost out of the ‘200’s’


Day Type: Fasting

My day went very well! I didn’t eat well  but it still was a good day. Very energetic. Absolutely no signs of tiredness or headaches. I am sore from yesterdays’ mini workout but otherwise I feel great.

So this concludes my 3rd week of fasting! It gets better and better guys and I really feel good about my progress.


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