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IF Week 4

Sorry my dear readers, last week was kinda crazy.

So I did not stick to my dieting like I should have.

Monday was a holiday, so my family all spent the entire day eating.

Tuesday, I did my usual IF. I skipped breakfast and drank a small coffee. Unusually for me, I drank the coffee before I got to work instead of taking ti with me and sipping it through the morning. I learned quicky that wasn’t a good idea to down my coffee that fast. I felt like I was having a caffeine rush for the first hour of my shift then I felt sluggish and very hungry. Luckily, I had a granola bar in my purse I was able to eat to stave off my hunger for a little while. At the end of my work day, I did NOT feel good. So I admittedly over ate when I got home and went to sleep to get rid of my headache.

Wednesday, I tried again and had my regular cup of coffee that I drank slowly over the course of my ‘work day’. I felt much better than I did the day before. I had a small lunch of nuggets and fries from ‘Chick-Fil-A’ (supposedly one of the healthiest fast food places.. See my blog post – to read about my adventure in eating by myself in public). Dinner was a chicken salad.

Thursday, was a regular day of coffee and small meals. I am really trying to get back into the swing of eating smaller meals.  I felt ‘ok’ but wanted more food. An apple was my afternoon snack. Homestyle Chicken burrito for dinner. I went to bed satisfied.

Friday, I did not fast but instead had a small breakfast of an apple fritter. I did not take coffee with me, as I am really trying to cut down on my caffeine intake. I had two bottles of water with me so I was ok not drinking my coffee, although I did wish I at tea instead.

Saturday was an unintentional fasting day since I just didn’t get up until 1 pm. I got a surprise visit from my uncle and his children so it was a really fun day of bad eating, but I at least tries to eat less of the bad food.

Sunday was a pretty healthy day. Bagel for breakfast. Steak and shrimp for lunch. Dinner was a bowl of rice.


I’ll try to stick to my IF this week and do a weight update.

Sorry again for my slow postings last week. I appreciate all of my followers/readers who have stuck with me through this journey! Thank you!


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