Stephanie and the Fruit Flies

An Anecdote Our roommate used to buy bulk fruit, and leave it on the table. Then she wouldn’t eat it, so we would get fruit flies. …Which is disgusting. We tried to ask her politely about 50 times, to please either buy less fruit, or eat her fruit before it got old, or even put… Continue reading Stephanie and the Fruit Flies

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The Summer of French 1

An Anecdote 3 minute read I love the French language. I think it is so beautiful end elegant. In college, you are required to take a language class. Spanish has always been very difficult for me so when I saw the opportunity to try something different, I took it. French was very fun and it… Continue reading The Summer of French 1

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Why Don’t Millennials Save Money?

Millennial debt. That's why.      We aren't lazy. We aren't spoiled. We are broke and living in a cycle of poverty. All of the debt that we have accumulated, just from ages 18-22, is 'necessary'. We are going to college and taking out loans, not to better ourselves, but to be able to have… Continue reading Why Don’t Millennials Save Money?

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Paying for my first homework ‘Access Code’

uggle Welcome to College! Where textbooks range from  $3 to $300. Where buying the correct version of a book can make or break your final grade. Where professors get big heads about themselves and 'write' a book and make you buy it for some obscene price they know you can't afford. Where books are sometimes… Continue reading Paying for my first homework ‘Access Code’

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Why I Didn’t Join a Sorority

3 Minute Read/ Controversial Topic Let's make something clear... I have absolutely nothing against College Greek life/sororities/fraternities. I appreciate all of the volunteer work that many of the Greek organizations are involved in. Personally, I don't see the appeal of the rest of it. Let me take you back to the 'club rush' week of college.… Continue reading Why I Didn’t Join a Sorority