Poem: Now what do you see

Poem on How races view me

Now what do you see

Do you really see what is there or is it only what you think?

Yea I know you get this question a lot when talking about racism

You know… really no one is all that different…. Genetically speaking

I am “mixed’.. but if I were to define myself on paper I wouldn’t choose other

I am black, I am African American, I am Afro American,

Now what do you see?

When I say that, automatic thoughts go to

How loud I am right now,

Is my hair real or do I “got weave”

She must eat cornbread and collard greens for all that ass

Well let me tell you

I am loud because my voice is strong,

I speak with clarity, determination, expressive vocalization, and because my mama taught me so

Now what do you see?

My hair is about as real as it gets,

Black hair is probably one of the thickest textures of hair of all the “races”. I Cannot and will not keep it straight.  Do you know how much work that is? I won’t struggle like that for anyone.

Now what do you see?

No I do not eat cornbread and collard greens. I don’t even like corn bread like that, nor do I like watermelon, or kool-aid, or, and I can’t eat spicy food or hot sauce for the life of me

Now what do you see?

My friends always joke that I’ve had my black card revoked, but I didn’t care to have one in the first place

Because I don’t fit the stereotypes of a black person now what am I?

Now what do you see?

Are you taking only what your eyes see and your brain has learned to assumes or do you see me?

Strong, beautiful, proud, determined, powerful, intellectual, expressive, vocal

Tell me, now what do you see?

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