Poem: Nature Is A Beautiful thing



Nature is a beautiful thing…


When it isn’t retaliating


But can we really blame nature for her emotional mood swings?


Isn’t it our fault that the air has smog rings?


And our fault that majority of our forests are seared?


And isn’t it us that have made the seas unclear?


Can we blame Mother Nature for her anger toward us?


She nursed this world, her child, from ashes and dust


We chop its trees, and drill holes in its body


Getting what we want and leaving messes so gaudy


We’ve poked holes in Earths blanket


the result, it’s too hot


Mother tried to warn us


Now It’s too late for a fix to be sought


Now we are slowly going to turmoil


Trying to fix what we destroyed


It may be too late


Something we simply can’t avoid


The End

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